About Me

Hello! Thank you for visiting this section of my website.

Please know that I am not this talkative in person but just in case you’re interested in learning more about what I do and how I got here, I put together this quick read.

Pau Guevarra

My career before photography

I started in the marketing and advertising industry in 2007.

I was as an Account Executive at an advertising firm (Euro RSGC Worldwide), a Senior Marketing Associate for a publishing company (Summit Media), an Asst. Marketing Manager for a retail & distribution company (Branded Lifestyle, Inc.), and a Marketing Communications Consultant for a public relations firm (Pinstripe Tailored Communications).

How I discovered event photography

In 2011, I started moonlighting as an events photographer. Later that year, I left my job to focus on photography and studied Fashion Photography at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

My marketing background turned out to be an advantage in my journey as a photographer. I was able to quickly fine-tune my photos depending on what was required – a shot for a magazine spread, engaging images on social media, even photos that were needed for internal reports.

My career as an event photographer

I started with doing photo shoots that would have just about 20 guests. A few years after, I found myself covering fashion shows like Cosmopolitan’s highly-anticipated Bachelor Bash, society parties like Preview’s Best Dressed Ball and brand launches like Tom Ford and Klook.ph.

I also learned to do product shoots for beauty brands like Mac Cosmetics and to shoot content for websites and Instagram accounts for brands like Ponds, Sunnies, Aureo Hotels La Union and more.

These days, I am focused on events / lifestyle photography and shooting content for beauty, skin care and travel-related brands.

My personal life

I am an insomniac and can binge watch FRIENDS for hours on end.

I also love to travel. On my trips, long exposure photography is ALWAYS part of my itinerary. I would shoot late at night and not even terrible weather can stop me from getting those perfect streaks of light. (Yes, I am willing to risk hypothermia for a beautiful photograph.)

I also enjoy interior decorating, reading novels, and watching classic 50s – 60s films and Wes Anderson movies.

I am stoked that you got this far into reading! If you’re in Manila and happen to see me during events, please say hi! I may have a major RBF but don’t let that stop you. I don’t bite… I think.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to fill out this Contact Form or send me an email via shoot@pauguevarra.com.